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Having developed a passion for horses as a child, I decided to venture into the world of Equine Sports Therapy at Undergraduate level, qualifying with a 1st class BSc Hons. in Equine Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation at Writtle College. 


I began my Masters degree in Veterinary Physiotherapy in 2017, training in large and small animals, and qualified with a Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) in Veterinary Physiotherapy in September 2019.

Currently, I am working on my Master's Dissertation (Analysing the relationship between pelvic asymmetry and muscular pain in horses), and plan to continue expanding my knowledge throughout my career, eventually with the aim of adding Chiropractic to my qualifications in the near future!

Between studies, I have spent some time furthering my equine experience through yard and riding work, most memorably spending 2 months in Kenya working on the rehabilitation and retraining of thoroughbreds. I also have my own ex-racehorse on returning, who I now dedicate my time to training for eventing (and rehabilitating through his many injuries!). 

I worked at a yard that was situated alongside a canine behavioural centre, which is where my interest expanded into the rehabilitation of dogs. Having had dogs around for most of my life, I never truly understood how important it was to look after their body until recently, and since becoming aware of it, it has become a passion of mine that I had no choice but to explore!

  • PGDip Veterinary Physiotherapy - Writtle University College

In 2019, I received my Post-Graduate Diploma in Veterinary Physiotherapy, after 2 of the most gruelling years of my life - dedicating my weekends to travelling to Essex and learning through hands-on experience and intense theoretical study. During this time, I passed several theoretical and practical exams, including OSPEs (observed structured practical examinations) and OSCEs (observed structured clinical examinations). I have developed an in-depth understanding of the way the animal's musculoskeletal system works, and how to apply the best possible combination of both manual therapy, electrotherapy and guided rehabilitation in order to maximise your horse, dog or cat's potential, no matter whether they are elite athletes or simply beloved pets.

  • BSc Hons. Equine Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation (1st Class Hons.) - Writtle UC

During my 3 years of study between 2012-2015 at Writtle University College, I developed an in-depth understanding of everything equine - which is probably why horses are my favourite animals to treat! Not only did I study in detail the horse's anatomy, biomechanics and pathophysiology, but also explored saddle fitting, nutrition, rider biomechanics and breeding/youngstock, which has allowed me to not only look at the horse from a single viewpoint, but to analyse the animal holistically, taking into account all aspects of the horse's world that could be having a profound effect on his way of going.

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