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Your physiotherapy experience doesn't just start and finish with your hour's session - quite the opposite! After your session, I will provide you with a bespoke follow-up report, complete with several exercises tailored to you and your animal. These follow-up programmes aim to build on the work we have done in our session, in order to further develop your animal's strength, symmetry and flexibility, keep pain at bay and encourage them to start working correctly, to reduce the likelihood of recurring issues and keep them happier for longer.

A follow up report will contain notes from your session, with any areas of pain, tension or asymmetry recorded, along with rehabilitation exercises such as...

  • Follow up stretching and joint mobilisation exercises

  • In-hand work, like leading, long reining and lunging

  • Polework exercises, both ridden and in-hand

  • Specific ridden exercise programmes


Pole work is something that I use in almost all of my equine follow-up programmes. Why? Because they are an excellent tool for improving all-round strength, as well as isolating specific 

  • Helps to reduce tension and encourages relaxation

  • Improving muscle tone and mass

  • Improving proprioception

  • Increasing range of motion and stride length

  • Prevents scar tissue formation and improves fibre alignment

  • Decreases risk of injury

  • Helps to built core strength

  • Reduces delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)

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